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A5 Labels

Key Facts

Rectangle Labels Specifications

Materials: Uncoated woodfree paper

Thickness: 56 µ

Adhesive: General use acrylic permanent adhesive

Min. App.Temp: +5ºC

Temp Range: -20 - +80ºC

Materials & Application

Excellent value A5 labels

Our new A5 labels are excellent quality and fantastic value. We ensure that our labels are durable and versatile, and we are sure you will be delighted with your purchase. Our A5 labels are in stock, so when you place your order, you don't have to wait for them to be cut - instead, they can be shipped out to you the very same day.

A5 Labels in a range of materials and sizes

Our A5 labels will be delivered to you blank and ready to use right away. These labels are suitable for use in both Laser and Inkjet printers, as well as for photocopying. They can also be written on by hand too. We are delighted to supply a wide variety of sizes, with our A5 label range available in 20, 100, or 500 sheet packs, so whatever your purpose, you can choose to buy in bulk or select the exact amount you need.

Our standard A5 labels are perfect for several practical uses. However, if you have a specific need, we are pleased to offer our A5 labels in a vast selection of styles and materials, in different colours and with different finishes too.

Label Usage

What uses do these labels have?

Our A5 labels have many different uses. So whether you are ordering them in for the stationery cupboard of your office, have a particular mail out you require them for, or know they'd come in handy for a specific event or project, we are sure you will find the right size, shape and finish you require.

Product Information

A5 labels can be used to label particular products in businesses. If you need your customers to know specific information about a product you are selling, for example, these sturdy and long-lasting labels will make it clear and easy for them to read.

Organisation of Documents

A5 labels are also useful in offices to help organise documents. They can be stuck on filing cabinets to indicate their contents, on office drawers, or on printouts of documents themselves to draw attention to different sections of highlight passages of particular importance.

School & Home

A5 labels can be an ideal addition for your home office or to sort documents or items for school or university too. At home, you can use these versatile labels to keep calendars and planners super organised, or to label personal items or food bags or jars. You could even use them to label items for school such as pencil tins and notebooks to minimse the chances of them being lost.

At A4 labels, we pride ourselves on making sure that each one of our customers is delighted with their purchase. We work hard to get your order dispatched promptly and ensure that all the labels across all ranges are robust, hard-wearing, and excellent quality. If you have any questions or need some advice before you buy, get in touch - our customer service team will be happy to help.

Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

We keep our A5 labels ready in stock so that they can be shipped out to you just as soon as we've processed your order. We understand you don't want to have to wait to have your labels to be made to order, so we keep our most popular varieties in stock and ready to go. This means yours could be with you as soon as the next working day. If you cannot see the size you need we can do bespoke sizes, so please enquire to get a cutter made!

Delivery Costs & Shipment

If you need your labels in a hurry, you can choose our faster delivery service for which there is a modest fee. You can read about our delivery information at the end of each product page, and see the detailed explanation of what we can offer, both in the UK and overseas.

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A5 Adhesive Labels (210 x 148.5mm)

1 permanent self-adhesive printing sticker per A5 sheet (210 x 148.5mm). This label is suitable for a range of purposes and is suitable for a number of different printers and devices.




A5/BC2 Adhesive Labels (105 x 148.5mm)

2 permanent self-adhesive printing labels per A5 sheet (105 x 148.5mm). This label is suitable for a range of purposes and is suitable for a number of different printers and devices.



A5/LL28 Adhesive Labels (31 x 26mm)

28 permanent self-adhesive printing labels per A5 sheet (31 x 26mm). This label is suitable for a range of purposes and is suitable for a number of different printers and devices.